Curtis Park

Just north of Downtown Denver, you will find the Curtis Park neighborhood, a historic area developed in the 1860s and 1870s as a fashionable residential suburb. Neighbors here are quick to proudly point out that this is the oldest residential neighborhood in the city. Take a quick trip to Curtis Park today and you’ll see it remains one of the center city’s most accessible neighborhoods for Downtown workers and shoppers.

As you stroll down its tree-lined streets, one of the most noticeable aspects of the community is its incredible diversity. It’s a wonderfully integrated mix of all kinds of housing, a variety of social and economic levels and neighbors who are evenly split between African-American, Latino and Caucasian.

Since its founding, Curtis Park has had a rich tapestry of people and cultures. It has always been a mixed-income neighborhood where, interspersed among the neighborhood’s turn of the century mansions, smaller homes were built by waves of immigrants who came to Denver to join the workforce during the city’s early years. Back then, residents took the streetcar to jobs Downtown or strolled the 15-minute walk to the city’s center.

Today, neighbors can take a quick ride on the light rail to get to Downtown’s businesses and office buildings. The economic diversity of the community helps make Curtis Park a unique and welcome home to all types of people.

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