Cherry Creek North | Community of the Month

Meet the Creek

Cherry Creek North is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Denver. Its charming 16 blocks provide everything residents could need to enjoy life, all within walking distance. Not only is it home to the highest concentration of high-end retail in the Rocky Mountain region, but with over 60 fine-dining establishments, and a 24-mile walking and biking trail, Cherry Creek North is one of Denvers most walkable neighborhoods . Here you can also find an abundance of art galleries, coffee shops, and spas and salons. Cherry Creek North is truly an urban oasis.

Beyond being a retail Mecca, Cherry Creek North also offers many community oriented events and provides a convenient location to Downtown and other popular Denver attractions such as The Denver Zoo, The Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. During the summer, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival offers cultural and arts education experiences. This event brings in more than 35,000 citizens to the area. The Cherry Creek North Sidewalk Sale provides four days of massive discounts on fashion and food from Cherry Creek North retailers. And at the Cherry Creek North Food and Wine festival celebrates the diverse, sophisticated tastes of Cherry Creek North.

Cherry Creek North | Community of the Month

History of Cherry Creek North

Before it was a chic shopping area, Cherry Creek was everything from a garbage dump to a farming suburb. It got its name from the Arapahoe Indians who found an abundance of chokecherries along the creek.

It was originally named Harmon after its namesake Edwin Preston Harman. Harman was born in South Carolina, grew up in Mississippi, and after graduating college in 1858, he served as a Confederate officer in the Civil War. He relocated to Denver in the late 1860’s, where he staked claim to the land between 1st and 6th Avenues from Colorado to University Boulevards. After feeling the pressures of growth in 1885, the town became platted. And in 1886, the land was incorporated as the town of Harmon, to provide basic public services to its residents.

Before Harman had a chance to come into its own though, the crash of 1893 bankrupted the town. Residents felt they had no choice but to become part of Denver, allowing the city to take over the suburb’s debt. The decision was approved in 1894, and the next year, Harman was officially part of the Mile High City.

Cherry Creek North | Community of the Month