5 Steps to Choosing A School In Colorado

5 simple steps to

choosing a school in Colorado

Choosing step1


Think about your needs

As you think about choosing a school, consider what matters most to your family. What do you value the highest when it comes to your child’s education? How does your choice of school impact your family or your finances? We’re here to help you take the first step.

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Understand your options

In Colorado, there are a variety of schools to choose from - public, public charter, and private. When deciding between schools, learn what makes each type of school different, and how that fits with your overall needs and goals.

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Find schools that fit

As you search for schools that fit your family, look for information in three key areas - academic performance, extracurricular programs, and school culture and community.

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Find schools that are the right fit 

GreatSchools provides independent ratings based on a mixture of factors. You should consider GreatSchools ratings along with local and state ratings.

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Visit schools you like

Take time to visit the schools at the top of your list. Visiting is the best way to tell whether you and your child feel welcomed and comfortable at each school. You also have a chance to observe teachers in action, and see whether students are actively engaged in learning.

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Apply and enroll

Once you've made your choices, find out the details of the enrollment process for each school and give yourself enough time to complete and submit your applications. You may need to gather important documents like a birth certificate or proof of residency. Also, your first choice school may not be available, so you will want to apply to at least two other schools that meet all or most of your needs.

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