I recently flew and was seated beside a young man in his mid-twenties who excitedly told me that it was his first time EVER flying in an airplane. Seeing things through the eyes of a first-time flyer, the process, and the miracle of modern flying turned the trip into an appreciative adventure instead of a tiring necessity.

It occurred to me that seeing with ’new’ eyes might be a worthwhile practice to incorporate into my life. What might we see if we looked at things with a different perspective? Read on for ten easy ways to kick start your mindset and refresh your perspective.

1. Drive to work by a new route - Notice the different sights along the way, the speed of the traffic, your increased attention to the act of driving.

2. The drying challenge - Switch up the way you ’dry’ yourself after your shower. Always start head down? Change to feet up. Always start right to left? Notice your pattern and switch it up.

3. Be a tour guide - The very best way to see and appreciate your city anew is to be a tour guide. Take a friend to other to parts of the city and imagine you are touring around a newcomer.

4. Transit turnaround - Sit in a different seat in a different part of the bus or train. If you never take public transit - experiment with doing so.

5. Change up your routine - Are you a creature of habit? Do you always do your food shopping on a Saturday? Mix it up and see who is shopping at 8 pm on a Wednesday.

6. Experiment weekly - Make a conscious effort to try something new once per week. It might just be visiting a new coffee shop, keep track of your ’new’ things and make it a family challenge.

7. Borrow a dog (or a kid) - Kids and dogs can take down a barrier and make us approachable. Take one for a walk and notice the new connections and conversations that you make.

8. Adopt a learner mindset - Start exercising your curiosity muscle instead of your knowing muscle. Ask questions. Letting go the need to know or have the answer will free your mind to other learning possibilities.

9. Unplug in public - Stick the phone in your pocket and connect with the people you pass on the street. Shift their day by adding a smile