Your home office doesn’t have to be just a laptop on a couch cushion.

Many people are breaking the chains of the corporate world in order to pursue careers that allow them to work from home. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your home office:

1. Plan Ahead - Make sure you plan out your space in advance so there’s enough room for a desk, chair and storage and don’t forget about your technology needs.

2. Get Creative - If you don’t have an office, consider alternatives such as a guest room, sunroom or other unused space that’ll give you a designated uninterrupted work area.

3. Lighten Up - Position lighting so there’s a nice even flow and if possible, choose a room with lots of natural light. A few plants will also add to the atmosphere.

4. Sound Off - Hard surfaces tend to amplify sounds but carpets, rugs and fabric window treatments will help absorb excessive noise.

5. Boundaries - Choose a private spot and don’t use it as a dumping ground for non-business related items. When you work from home, it’s critical to separate your work from home life.